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I am a recent college grad (for the third time) and a software engineer in Folsom, CA. My cat pictured here interferes with my coding whenever she can and so does the kitten I adopted a few months after moving here. I prefer C/C++, C#, and working with databases but Python keeps growing on me. :) I am always looking for new challenges and love puzzles. A passion for process improvement led me to pursue lean six sigma training and programming.

I have many hobbies and unfinished projects. I like learning new things and developing new skills, most often regardless of what that might be as long as I'm creating something. I did a bunch of remodeling and landscaping at my house and enjoy woodworking but don't have the time for it. I also sew because it's fun and it's actually faster than shopping for clothes that fit. :) Sometimes I read too. It's been nice to pick that back up again with all my newfound free time!

I worked on a couple projects in my last quarter of school that I hope to pick up on again once I get more comfortable in my new role. My group capstone project is a meal planning web app and is written in Angular 5 with a Rails API for the back end. We hope to someday use Ionic to bring it to mobile. I'm also building a chat program with Qt. As I have updates to share on either project I'll be updating here or on my blog!

Recent Projects

KPI Tile

Custom KPI Tile Extension

I heavily modified SAP's example KPI tile to create the one shown here. The screenshot is from an example dashboard within Design Studio. This project involved JS, CSS, XML, and proprietary languages within Design Studio.

The sample KPI tile extension from SAP did not have the block style divs required for conditional highlighting. Mocking this up in JavaScipt was quick, but making the changes to the extension took a lot of time and troubleshooting due to the differences in rendering engines across browsers.

View mockup JS here!

Intro to D3

Intro to Visualizations in D3

I made a how to website on creating visualization in D3 with the added spin of using it to develop extensions for SAP's Design Studio. I used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the Design Studio SDK for this project. I experimented a bit with Bootstrap to make it as well. I chose the topic because it was relevant to what I was doing at work at the time. Unfortunately I haven't been able to go back to it for awhile to finish the conversion from a D3 visualization to an extension. This was extremely fun for me because I got to apply what I was learning in school at work and it provides a useful one stop resource for all of the necessary elements that I can go back to at any time.

View my site!

Senate Tracker

Senate Tracker

This was for a school project that I did with a partner for our databases course. I did most of the back end work with the database and he did most of the front end. Of particular interest is that I wrote the PHP, CSS, and SQL for the filtering query in order to implement the "SHOW ALL" feature.

Live site pictured here has been taken down but the code is still available.

View on Bitbucket

Graphics Project

OpenCL / OpenGL Particle System

In our parallel programming class we got into a bit of graphics at the end and I really enjoyed it. I was given a template with the basic setup for this project which made it more accessible. I added objects and the color change at runtime to it using C++, OpenCL, and OpenGL.

View demo video

Other School Projects

My other school assignments are in private repos. Those are in C, C++, Node.js, and PHP. If you'd like to see them, shoot me a message! I have a couple particularly good operating systems projects in C that I'd love to show you.

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Other Projects

VBA Conversion

I really enjoyed an edX course on C# and wanted to try out a project of my own. At work I used to use TOAD, which had a built in function for making and stripping code statements from SQL, but we lost our licenses and had to switch to SQL Developer. I didn't want go back to escaping my SQL in VBA manually, so I built a simple program to convert between VBA syntax and executable code for both SQL and HTML.

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Work Experience

Software Engineer - Intel (2018 - Present)

  • Collaborate with multiple cross-geo agile software development teams.
  • Develop modular web application for internal use, primarily focused on backend REST APIs.
  • Drive process improvement by creating and enhancing software features used to maintain high quality graphics driver health.

Business Intelligence Developer - BSE (2016 - 2018)

  • Designed data models and created graphical and SQL Script data views in HANA Studio. Assisted with ETL logic as needed for the data warehouse.
  • Utilized BusinessObjects tools to create reports and dashboards. Wrote/modified Design Studio extensions (plugins) using the SDK (JavaScript, CSS, XML).
  • Engineered creative solutions to maximize in-memory database performance and handle unconventional business requirements.

Teacher’s Assistant (TA), CS 344 Operating Systems (C, Bash) - Oregon State University (2018 - 2018)

  • Explained concepts to students through the class discussion board, email, and Slack.
  • Provided feedback on assignments.

Peer Advisor - Oregon State University (2017 - 2018)

  • Tutored for most of the offered postbacc CS classes provided through Slack, Google Hangouts, and WebEx.
  • Helped students develop better study strategies for tests and retention of material.
  • Taught functional decomposition and testing.
  • Peer advocacy, typically program and class feedback anonymously relayed to administration as needed/requested by students.

Teacher’s Assistant (TA), CS 161 Intro to Computer Science I (C++) - Oregon State University (2016 - 2017)

  • Graded assignments and explained concepts to students through the class discussion board, email, and Google Hangouts.

Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning Specialist - Bobcat Company (Doosan) (2014 - 2016)

  • Designed process for and managed company-owned inventory for a multimillion dollar dealer enterprise transition.
  • Developed and provided ongoing support for automation tools to compile reports using VBA, SQL and OBIEE reports.
  • Performed functional testing at the database and extract level including assessment of problems, data integrity analysis, and development and implementation of solutions with the Oracle database and the SIOP Access database.

Call Center Credit Associate - Bobcat Company (Doosan) (2012 - 2014)

  • Built a complex Access database and Excel file, which are connected through VBA to create a planning tool for Bobcat dealers upon request. Assisted with the transition of this tool to OBIEE.
  • Automated processes using an integration of SharePoint, Excel, Access, VBA, ODBC, Oracle Objects for OLE, DataLoad, Task Scheduler, batch files, and VB scripts.

National Accounts/Government Sales Support - Bobcat Company (Doosan) (2012)

  • 6 month temp contract - provided support for sales department and completed requests for the call center utilizing Excel and OBIEE reports.

Substitute Teacher/Long-Term Substitute - Fargo Public Schools (2011 - 2012)

7-12 Mathematics Teacher - Maddock Public School (2010 - 2011)

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